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M.S. Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (June 2012)
Dear Eleanor this is just a line to say a very big Thank You for the most efficient way in which you went about treating my recent back injury. The injury was caused by a fall in my kitchen and I found it difficult to sit down, stand up and on some days to do the most basic of household chores. The doctors offered me drugs to overcome the pain and although I had mild relief, they did not resolve the issue of the damage that had occured to the muscles in my lower back. As the pain was so severe I was unsure whether you would be able to treat me at all, but I am happy to say that after two one hour sports massage sessions I am now 95% mended. Many Many Thanks.
A.C. Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (April 2012).
I undertook a course of sports massage with Eleanor, which I am pleased to say was entirely successful. Later on I also suffered from back pain and lack of mobility, again Eleanor came to my rescue and saved the day. I would recommend Eleanor to anyone suffering any type of muscular problems to take advantage of her services.
P.C. Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (April, 2012).
I first met Eleanor when she was a guest speaker at a Carers Meeting. I thought that she might be able to help me combat the pain I was suffering after some operations I had undergone. Following my first session of sports massage I felt an improvement and had a month of sessions, which have helped me tremendously. I can recommend her to anyone requiring Muscular pain relief.
M.S Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (February, 2013).
I am a 69 year old very active Grandma and I have been suffering with unbelievable pain in my right leg. After a visit to my GP and x-ray’s at the hospital nothing showed up I was diagnosed with arthritis in the hip and prescribed pain killers were my only option until, I came across Eleanor Porter at Inspired therapies. I consider this to be a lucky day and as after my first consultation she diagnosed the pain as being caused by a tight I.T band that runs from the hip to the knee. After the first treatment of deep massage to stretch the I.T band I felt it ease immediately. After a few more sessions I am now virtually pain free and I am no longer hampered when I stand or walk. Thank you Eleanor.