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Now that the clocks have gone forward, Spring is officially here and many of us look forward to the plants growing in our gardens. As a Medical Herbalist I am especially interested in the herbs that grow both here in the UK and in far reaching destinations around the world.

Herbs have been used for centuries to help aid the body in fighting illness and disease, for example we may not understand why we rub a dock leaf onto a nettle sting, but we know it works. Herbs can be used in many forms such as dried, fresh or in tinctures and creams but they have wonderful healing properties that the scientific world is still trying to understand.

So why do so many people think that herbal medicine is not for them? Is it because herbal products are frowned upon by some (but not all) in the medical industry? What is more important is whether herbs can help you? There are many physical and emotional issues (see the website for more details) that can benefit from herbal products, with each herbal prescription designed specifically for you. An example of just one herb is German Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) found in every herbalists cupboard. It has so many therapeutic uses from conjunctivitis to insomnia to gastric conditions and many more and when blended with other herbs it can enhance their properties to aid the body in healing itself.

Although I would not advise anyone to forage for herbs unless they are botanically trained to identify them, there is always your local supermarket who stock herbal teas and, for specific conditions an herbalist will always be happy to discuss issues and advise on possible herbal remedies either in a consultation or in an informal chat. So why not try an herbal remedy for 2013, you never know you could be pleasantly surprised.