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otator Cuff Injury - This can be an injury to either the tendons or the muscles that run from the shoulder blade to the top of the humerus (shoulder bone). It occurs either due to overuse leading to "wear and tear" of the muscles or tendons or because the shoulder has been forcibly overstretched and a tear in the muscle occurs. The pain is generally felt either at the time of impact in the case of a muscle tear or as a pain at the top of the arm that decreases when heated. Treatment can involve both local Massage and Acupuncture to the shoulder joint.

Frozen Shoulder - Also known as Adhesive capsulitis occurs when there is inflammation and scarring to the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint. It's not clear why the injury occurs but it seems to be more prevalent in the older generation. Inflammation occurs in the joint due to injury or over-use and small scars or adhesions occur in the folds within the capsule. Generally the pain is a dull ache but it can be stabbing and the main symptom is an inability to raise the arm above the shoulder joint. Treatment in this case is
Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies to free the joint.

Acromioclavicular Joint Injury - This sounds very technical but actually it is an injury between the end of your collar bone (clavicle) and the upper part of your shoulder blade (acromion process). It occurs due to an impact to the site either with something stationary such as a wall or the floor or a moving object such as someone else. Pain is felt at the top of the shoulder instantly and a small bump can occur if the collarbone has been pushed up. Treatment in the initial stages will be
Acupuncture, but Massage can be applied as the joint swelling decreases and the muscles need easing.

Biceps Tendinopathy - This is an inflammation within the tendon that connects the biceps (upper arm) muscle at the front to the shoulder blade. It usually occurs due to over-use where the tendon rubs against the bone causing tiny little tears and eventually inflammation. Treatment would again initially be
Acupuncture followed by Massage once the tendon has healed.

General Muscle Strain - This can occur in the chest muscle (the Pectoralis major) where it meets the armpit and occurs when too much pressure is placed on this muscle i.e. during weight lifting . A second muscle that can cause shoulder pain is the muscle that attaches to the top of the shoulder blade (levator scapulae muscle). Pain occurs on top of the shoulder blade but can be felt in the upper back and neck and, is due to poor posture especially when sat at a desk all day. Treatment would involve
Massage first to warm the muscles followed by Acupuncture and a Postural assessment to avoid future pain.

Nerve Entrapments - This occurs when a nerve in the shoulder or anywhere in the body becomes stuck to or compressed by the tissues that surround it. Shooting pain can be felt in the arm, shoulder, neck and upper back depending on where the nerve is trapped. Treatment would involve
Acupuncture to reduce the pain and Massage to remove the tension from the muscles.