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Upper Legs

Sciatica - Is not a condition in itself but a symptom of a number of conditions. Symptoms involve pain that may start in the lower back or buttocks and radiates down one or both legs towards the knee. This occurs because there is pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg and the cause of this pressure can be due to a slipped disc, disc degeneration, muscle tension or due to bony growths on the vertebrae. Ant of these conditions can be caused by excessive twisting or lifting using the lower spine such as continual lifting and loading of heavy items. Treatment will involve Sports Massage to relieve any muscle tension, Acupuncture for pain and Herbal Remedies to improve mobility and healing.

Pain in the Bottom - Quite often this can be misdiagnosed as Sciatica but there is a muscle that runs from the pelvis across the bottom to the top of the leg bone. Continually tightening this muscle due to trauma or scar tissue formation will cause pain deep into the buttocks especially when rotating the hips. Treatment as with all these injuries will involve Sports Massage and Acupuncture.

Hamstring Tendinopathy - The inflammation of the hamstring tendons where they attach in the buttocks at the back of the leg. It occurs due to overuse of the muscles at the back of the leg, the force of the muscles transmits through the tendons into the pelvic or hip bones causing small tears in the tendons. These tears in turn start an inflammatory response causing pain deep in the lower part of the buttock. The pain develops gradually usually after exercise and can be associated with tightness of the hamstring muscles. Treatment will involve Sports Massage to reduce the scar tissue followed by Acupuncture for the pain.

Quadriceps Pain - This is the group of muscles at the front of the thigh responsible for the movement of the hip and knee in running and walking. Like the Hamstrings tears can occur in the tendons or in the muscles themselves due to excessive stress placed on the muscles such as explosive leg power in running. Pain can be felt at the site of the tear in the muscle itself or in the front hip area over the tendon. Treatment will involve Sports Massage and Acupuncture to remove the blockage caused by scar tissue and to heal the injured site.

IT Band Pain - The Iliotibial band is a band of strong connective tissue very similar to an elastic band that runs from the pelvic bone over the outside of the thigh to the top of the shin bone beneath the knee. Initially this band of connective tissue becomes very tight with use and invariably is not stretched out by amateur runners and sportsmen leading to pain in the lower back, hips and thighs. Quite often it's tightness can be misdiagnosed as arthritis in the hips and people are given strong pain killers to resolve the situation. Sports Massage will in most cases stretch out the IT band and relieve pain and reduce friction caused by overuse.

Groin Strain - This involves the Adductor muscles that lie on the inside of the thigh and can cause pain either in the tendon or the muscle itself. Injury and pain occurs when the tendon or muscle tears due to rapid changes in direction when running such as in rugby or football. Minor tears can be painful but play can continue, major tears are likely to cause you to cease any exercise and the pain leads to tightness, weakness and occasionally spasms of the muscle. Treatment will involve Sports Massage and Acupuncture to increase range of motion, the body's healing mechanism and to reduce pain.

Lower Legs
Calf Strain - There are two muscles in the calf that together form the Achilles Tendon these muscles are responsible for explosive drive or "take off" in running. The muscle tears whilst forcibly contracted usually when lunging forward in tennis or squash. Also dropping the heel when running such as stepping into an unseen hole in the ground can also tear this muscle. The pain is felt instantly in the calf and is usually a stabbing or tearing pain. A small tear will cause tightening and stiffness of the calf muscle causing pain when walking. Treatment will be as above with Sports Massage and Acupuncture.

Shin Splints - Also known as Tenoperiostitis an inflammation of the sheath that covers the tendons where they attach the muscle to the bone of the shin. When the muscles contract the tendons pull on the bones and place pressure on the protective sheath or periosteum and damage occurs due to overuse and lack of stretching out the muscles. The pain is felt along the shin bone usually when you start exercising and can wear off once the muscle has warmed up. Treatment involves Sports Massage to remove the tightness within the muscle and tendon.