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Although the Knee joint is fairly small the number of injuries to the structures in and around the knee can be vast. All the following injuries would be treated with Sports Massage to the upper, lower legs, ankles including the achilles tendon, the bottom and lower back when needed. Both Acupuncture and Herbal remedies will be used to increase the body's own healing mechanism and to reduce pain.

Meniscal Injury - This injury involves the menisci or C-shaped cartilage pads that sits between the bones of the knee joint. They are designed as shock absorbers to reduce the impact to bones. Injuries to these cartilage pads occurs when the knee is twisted when rapid directional changes occur. A tearing sensation is felt with pain and swelling and the knee may feel weak, click when moving or lock or give way. Treatment will involve Acupuncture to pinpoint healing.

Ligament Injuries - Around the knee joint are ligaments that contain the joint on the inside and outside of the knee to keep the upper and lower bones in place. These are known as the Medial and Lateral collateral ligaments and can be damaged or torn when stress is placed on the inside or outside of the knee such as a kick or collision with an immovable object. The Anterior and Posterior Cruciate ligaments are situated inside and at the back of the knee and stop the upper or lower leg bones shunting forwards or backwards. Tearing these muscles occurs when the knee is either twisted or bent backwards due to blunt force. Pain can occur either on the inner, outer, middle or back of the knee depending on which ligament has been torn and the pain is immediate with swelling and an inability to walk. Immediate treatment would involve Acupuncture and once the swelling has gone down then Massage to the whole leg can commence.

Kneecap Injuries - This can be due to a dislocation of the kneecap when the blunt force trauma is too great for the ligaments and muscles to resist the force. A patella tendon rupture occurs in the tendon below the knee that joins onto the shin bone. This can occur when the thigh muscles (quadriceps) are contracted too forcefully and tears the tendon from the bone. Again a tearing sensation will be felt with immediate pain and swelling.

Other kneecap injuries include "Runners Knee" due to an overuse of the knee the patella slides up and down in a groove on the thigh bone (femur) causing friction leading to inflammation and swelling. "Jumpers Knee" occurs through an overuse of the patella tendon causing small tears and eventually gradual deterioration of the tendons strength. Pain is felt on jumping or hopping exercises leading to stiffness and tightness below the knee. "Housemaids Knee" or Pre-patellar bursitis refers to the inflammation and swelling of the bursa or fluid filled sac that cushions and allows free movement of the skin over the patella. Direct impact on the kneecap or continual kneeling (hence the name) will cause bleeding into the bursa leading to inflammation, swelling and pain. Treatment will begin with Acupuncture and Herbal remedies.