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Hypnotherapy is the treatment of a symptom, disease, or addiction by means of Hypnosis, defined as an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterised by an increased acceptance to suggestion.

When the word trance is used people think of a very deep sleep where you are almost unconscious. Actually the trance like state is no more than when you nod off in the car or on the sofa, you can still hear what's going on around you but you have no desire to join in.

Susceptibility sounds like you are impressionable and in essence we all are if we have the need to change. Hypnosis has a bad press as many people believe that they will be forced to perform in an undignified manner to entertain others. Hypnotherapy is in fact a state of highly concentrated awareness and, although your body is deeply relaxed your subconscious mind remains alert and awake and receptive to new ideas.

The subconscious mind is responsible for processing and storing 1000’s of pieces of information relating to our beliefs, memories, behaviours and habits and supports every response to stimuli since birth. These learned behaviours can be positive such as feeling loved when hugged or negative such as a fear of spiders or specific places. Hypnosis works in a way that questions old habits, replaces negative thinking with positive more useful thoughts and gives you confidence to try and change. There are no guarantees or instant changes, as you will be required to work towards your own goals but hypnosis aims to remove temptation or reduce fears, boost confidence and self esteem so that you can implement those changes without too much effort.

The Treatment
Together we will devise a treatment plan that you are totally willing to commit to, in a time frame that is realistic. Using hypnotherapy I will access your subconscious mind and re-educate it to accept new ideas or alter negative behaviours to achieve your goals for the future.
The first session is more detailed as you will be able to discuss past events, future fears and formulate goals that are achievable and fun and so can last from one and a half hours to two hours depending on your requirements. You will be hypnotised on the first session to assess your ability to relax but there are no expectations or tests we work together to overcome any anxieties and there is definitely no "performing" involved.
Follow up sessions will discuss your time between treatments, any further changes required and the way forward. Each hypnosis treatment will be designed specifically for you with no reading from scripts. The number of sessions required will depend on how you proceed during the treatments and the level at which changes need to be made.

What is NLP?

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful technique based on the concept that we experience the world through our senses (neuro), we use language to make sense of our experiences (linguistic) and we program our thinking patterns to make decisions (programming).

By discussing the relationship between these concepts you can change the way you think, act and feel about a behaviour and adopt a more positive and successful approach to life both professionally and personally.

The combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP may help you to reach your goals whether they are in your personal life, at work, in family situations or with your health and fitness. Using a programme structured specifically for you, together we can tackle issues such as:

  • Quitting Smoking in a realistic time frame by understanding your desire to smoke.
  • Losing Weight through positive behavioural changes with no crash dieting or starving yourself.
  • Understanding and controlling Phobias, why you have a persistent and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels you to avoid it, despite the understanding that it is not dangerous.
  • Dealing with and overcoming Anxiety and Stress due to work and personal situations by building your confidence and self esteem.
  • And many more issues that affect your every day life.