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Sprained Ankle - This can occur on the ligaments on the outside of the ankle due to the foot being rolled forcibly inwards on an uneven surface or, on the ligaments on the inside of the ankle due to the foot rolling outwards due to rapid direction changes. If the ligaments are only torn there is pain over the damaged ligament and the front of the ankle but, if the ligament snaps completely there is usually an audible pop. Treatment will involve Acupuncture for the pain, Herbal remedies to speed up the healing process and Massage for the tight ligaments and muscles of the foot, ankle and leg.

Strained Ankle - This involves the tearing of the muscle or tendons around the ankle due to overuse. This can be felt on the inside or the outside of the ankle around or behind the ankle bones and can start as small tears that cause inflammation and although can cause pain quite often it subsides with warmth or exercise. Unfortunately these tears tend to get worse until the pain occurs before during and after exercise and does not diminish with heat. Treatment will include Massage to relieve muscle tension, Acupuncture for the pain and, Herbal Remedies to boost the Healing process.

Swollen Ankles - There are two different reasons for the swelling, first it can be due to an irritation and inflammation of the synovial membrane that lines the capsule that encloses the ankle. This membrane lubricates the joint allowing all the parts of the joint to move smoothly within the capsule. Irritation occurs after an ankle injury when there is bleeding into the joint and, it is the blood that irritates the lining of the capsule causing swelling. The second cause of swollen ankles is due to oedema or the accumulation of fluids in the tissues around the ankle. This is usually due to poor circulation, either due to a heart
condition or kidney problems. The blood carrying the fluid slows down at the ankles and the fluid is able to leak into the surrounding tissue before the blood works its way back to the heart. Treatment will involve Acupuncture for pain and Massage to encourage the blood to circulate.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Refers to the trapping of the tibial nerve that winds itself around the inner ankle bone. The nerve is encased in a sheath that slides over the surrounding tissue allowing it to move with the foot. Small adhesions form between the tissue and the sheath stopping the nerve from moving freely and eventually can cause the nerve to be so stretched that signals being sent down the nerve are interrupted causing a sharp pain along the inside and bottom of the foot. Pain is aggravated by standing or walking for long periods and can cause pins and needles or numbness to the soles of the feet. Treatment would involve Reflexology to remove any adhesions around the ankle and to improve the signal transmission along the nerve. Acupuncture and Herbal remedies can be used to treat the pain and to boost the healing of the nerve fibre.

Achilles Tendon Pain - This is the tendon that joins the calf muscles to the heel bone and it is commonly injured during running and jumping. Repetitive force through the tendon can cause microscopic tears which, begin the inflammatory response. Pain is felt following exercise but as the tears increase so pain will be felt during exercise and will not reduce with heat and rest. If continual jumping or lunging occurs the tendon can completely snap with immense pain felt at the back of the heel. A partial tear can be treated with Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal remedies but a complete rupture can only be rectified with surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis - This is pain on the inside of the heel where the fascia or sheath that surrounds the muscle connects to the heel bone. It occurs due to over stretching or pulling in running and dancing, leading to inflammation. The pain a dull ache, tends to be worse in the morning when the muscles are cold and tight and, during high impact weight bearing exercise. Treatment will involve Sports Massage to stretch out the muscle, Reflexology to reduce build up of toxins in the feet and Acupuncture for the pain.

Extensor Tendinopathy - Is the inflammation of the tendons that pass over the top of the foot, either due to overuse of the muscles or due to tight footwear that compresses the tendons. Treatment will be Sports Massage to stretch out the tendons and muscles, Reflexology to reduce build up of toxins in the feet and Acupuncture for the pain.

Mid-tarsal Joint Sprain - There are many joints making up the mid-foot and a sprain occurs when the ligaments between these joints are overstretched due to jumping activities such as gymnastics. Pain can be felt with any weight bearing exercise but especially jumping and treatment will be Sports Massage to stretch out the ligaments and muscles, Reflexology to reduce build up of toxins in the feet and Acupuncture for the pain.