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Upper back Pain - Can be either due to a chest vertebra or rib and vertebra joint sprain. The chest vertebra are attached to each other in three places and by overstretching or rotating the joint between these vertebrae a joint sprain can occur to the supporting ligaments. Pain is usually a dull ache made worse by moving the upper body.

The rib and vertebra joint is painful when it has been overstretched when the trunk and rib cage is rotated. This can lead to a sprain in the ligaments that hold the two bones in the joint and the pain is felt just to the side of the spine between the shoulder blades and is made worse through deep breathing or coughing. Treatment for both these injuries would involve
Massage, Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies.

A Slipped Disc - This can occur in any of the chest or lower back vertebra and refers to the disc of cartilage that cushions two vertebra bones becoming injured through excessive compression leading to the disc bulging out of the spinal column, which in turn can press on spinal nerves and muscles. Pain is felt in the middle back and is usually a shooting pain that can radiate out from the spine. Treatment can involve stretches to realign the spine,
Massage of surrounding muscles and Acupuncture.

Low Back pain - Can be caused by a number of issues from muscle tears, nerve, ligament or disc problems but it can also be a sign of kidney inflammation or liver problems. Each symptom will be assessed and the degree and area of pain will help to diagnose the condition. If the problem is a structural or muscle issue the
Massage will help the problem. If the pain originates in an organ you will be advised to visit your GP to ascertain the severity of the problem and once a diagnosis had been reached then Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies may help.

Sciatica - Is caused by the sciatic nerve that leaves the spinal column is being compressed by either a bone, disc or muscle. Pain is a sharp shooting almost burning pain, which radiates down the bottom into the back of the leg and it may only occur for a few seconds but it is extremely intense. The initial treatment will be to have a
Postural Assessment, followed by Massaging the back muscles and use Acupuncture for the pain.