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I started using Complementary therapies in the 1980’s specifically aromatherapy, as I was concerned that orthodox medicine could only offer me a chemical solution to my health issues rather than a natural less harmful approach. I as many teenagers of my time had terrible skin and the drugs I was prescribed by my doctor worked at reducing the inflammation but unfortunately had side effects that I had not bargained for.

I researched my options and found that specific essential oils worked at calming my skin and reducing the inflammation and cleansed it at the same time. I was amazed at how well they worked and my teenage skin condition began to clear up. I have been using essential oils and witch hazel to cleanse my skin ever since and apart from a few wrinkles, or laughter lines as I prefer to think of them, I have not done too badly.

After many years of working for others, I took a year out in Australia and whilst there I decided to widen my complementary therapy knowledge and returned to the UK to embark on the Herbal Medicine degree from the University of Central Lancashire. The degree was far more scientific and medically based than I had ever imagined as I learnt how to diagnose diseases, mastered the skills to clinically examine the body systems for conditions and the pathology of disease to name but a few modules. Right from the very first week I worked in the University Clinic with paying clients and this was a huge asset to the course as I learnt how to deal with people, to improve my counselling skills and to understand the requirements of managing my own practice. After three years of hard work I qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 2004 and have been practising ever since. It launched my self employed status and invoked a passion in me that has spread to encompass other natural therapies so that I can grow and understand better the health issues that my client’s come to me with.

In 2007 I qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist with a Level 3 VTCT Diploma. This course utilised my Swedish massage techniques and enhanced them to incorporate specific techniques for injuries and to aid in the elimination of pain, stiffness and limited range of motion.

In April 2011 I qualified as a Master Practitioner having completed the Diploma in professional Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP at a private school in Norwich. This allows me to assess a client’s situation both current and in the past through the consultation process, to devise a treatment plan with the client and to offer hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help improve their quality of life.

In June 2011 I was awarded the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology from the Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies. this is a great course that focused on the treatment of the reflexes on the hands and feet to offer relaxation and understanding of the body systems through the application of massage techniques.

In September 2014 I started a three year Diploma in the Five Element acupuncture at the CT Clinic in Northampton. The first two years involved an in-depth look at "Pain Management" and "Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine" which encompassed conditions related to the principle of "Breath Well, Eat Well and Sleep Well". The final year which I completed in 2017 involved the use of needles and Chinese herbal remedies for more complicated and long term conditions such as Parkinsons, sexual health, cancer and more.

The last course I completed was the ITEC Level 3 diploma in Indian Head Massage in 2017. I took this course to complement the Sports massage that stops at the base of the skull. I love offering a head massage to my clients who wish to relax and struggle with insomnia. Indian Head Massage clears the stagnating energy in the head, neck and shoulders and helps to relieve stress and improve sleep cycles.

Due to the range of different therapies that I offer at the Clinic, I believe that I can prescribe for you a unique, detailed and personalised treatment plan that utilises all of my knowledge, skills and experience encompassed within these therapies to inspire, refresh and rejuvinate your mind, body and soul. I am always learning and evolving with every new client that I meet and this is why I am so passionate about improving the health of everyone who comes to see me. I look forward to offering you a unique treatment designed especially for you and Welcoming you to the New Clinic of Inspired Therapies at the BWell Gym in Great Yarmouth.