The Clinic of Inspired Therapies is moving out of the centre of Great Yarmouth in Broad Row and, is moving to the BWell Gym in the Harfreys Industrial Estate. This is an exciting move for the Clinic, for Eleanor and all of her amazing clients as there will be so much more on offer at the Gym than is currently available at the George Street Clinic.

The Clinic it is owned by Eleanor a dedicated, extremely experienced and enigmatic Therapist, who focuses on inspiring you to understand and improve your health and happiness using therapies such as Herbal Medicine, Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy and NLP, Hand and Foot Reflexology, Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture and Indian Head Massage.
Having studied and qualified in both Western and Traditional Chinese medical therapies Eleanor approaches every illness of the mind and body from both a physical and energetic view point and, is thus able to offer you a unique treatment based on a single or combination of therapies that will enhance your bodies own healing abilities.
Whether you need a relaxing treatment or you require help with a more complex long term illness Eleanor will listen, diagnose and treat you based on your needs. For more information regarding the therapies or how they can treat specific conditions, please click on the list below or call Eleanor for a free and confidential chat.

If you suffer from any problems, please select your area of pain:
Head & Neck